Top Project Management Certification for New and Experienced People

Top Project Management Certification for New and Experienced People

Importance of project management certification:-

A certificate in project management is an excellent way to improve a person’s skills and provide precious credentials to his employer while enhancing their earning power in the process. The project management industry is rising speedily, with various opportunities to move forward. The skills a person learn by acquiring a pmp certification, and it will help him in almost every business or management job role.

Whether a person is in administration or is appear to move forward, acquiring a project management certification is an elegant way to utilize ongoing education to take advantage of a person’s skills. There are certificates for project managers at all levels of professional expansion.

These contain general certificates of administration of entry-level projects, as well as those for exact methods or types of providers. There are also certificates for people who are more superior in their project management profession and who seek to handle multiple projects at the same time.

Whichever program a person select, be sure to equal the area of expertise and skill level of the certificate with his own experience and best practices a person can perform on his workplace, and he can get the most out of it.

Below are the 11 best project management certifications available:-

1. CompTIA + Project

CompTIA Project + is perfect for basic level project managers or for those who handle smaller scale projects. This project management certification is based on many frameworks to offer an all-purpose competence for project management.

People can suppose to learn about the administration of resources, the life cycle of the project and the limitations of the project, the documentation’s set of rules, the best communication practices and the coordination of the interested parties.

Management organization: CompTIA

2. Certified Project Manager (CPM)

The accredited Project Manager is an official document presented by the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM). It is one more massive option for inexpert or entry-level project managers. It is also a precondition for the most advanced credential of Certified International Project Manager (IAPM).

Certified Project Manager is a globally identified certificate and offers a basic framework for planning, arrange and apply a project.

Handling organization: International Association of Project Managers

3. Associate in Project Management (APM)

The Global Association for Quality Management manages the Project Management Associate (APM). It is a first level certification for professionals who are fresh to the field of project management.

The primary competencies of resource management, quality guarantee and communication are concentrating on this project management certification. The Associate certification in Project Management has no pre-requirements.

Managing organization: World association for quality management

4. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The Certified Partner in Project Management or “CAPM” is an additional entry-level certification that is direct by the PMI. This project management certification is a prerequisite for project managers who want to extend the Project Management Professional certification in the upcoming time.

An associate’s degree or corresponding and some previous experience or education in project management are necessary to meet the criteria for this official document.

Management organization: Project Management Institute

5. Project Management Professional (PMP)

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the subsequent footstep presented by the Project Management Institute after the CAPM certification. PMI workings with universities and companies to preserve the status, reputation and importance of this certification, which makes it an industry standard.

The Project Management Professional is for professionals with exceptional experience in project management. Participants must have 4,500-7,500 hours of project management practice and fulfil 35 hours of project management education before meeting the requirements to take the PMP exam.

Managing organization: Project Management Institute

6. Master Project Manager (MPM)

The Master Project Manager credential, which is synchronized by the American Academy of Project Management, is a certification of the board of directors for experienced project managers. Participants must have three years of experience, at least in project management and have a permitted qualification or training to succeed in this project management certification.

Managing organization: American Academy of Project

7. Professional in Project Management (PPM)

The Project Management Professional credential is a project management certification maintains by the Global Association for Quality Management. It is measured a certification for middle management post, which contains the necessary foundations of project management, as well as additional advanced concepts such as crisis management.

There is no pre-requirement, but participants will need to study the GAQM materials and an electronic course to get ready for the PPM exam.

8. Professional Program Management (PgMP)

The Professional Management Certificate of the Program is for high-level professionals who handle and synchronize multiple projects for their organizations. The PgMP concentrates synergistic management so that various projects benefit from coordinated supervision rather than being administered separately.

Participants must have a minimum of 6,000 hours of experience in project management and 6,000-10,500 hours of experience in handling specific programs to qualify.

9. Certified Agile Professional (PMI-ACP)

The Agile Certified Practitioner certificate or PMI-ACP is an additional credential presented by the Project Management Institute. This certification highlights the utilization of agile practices in project management. An agile policy like Scrum, Kanban and Lean are offering so that project managers can grow the maximum capacity to respond to market volatility.

Experience in projects and previous work in agile teams

10. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

The Certified Scrum Master certification is a paying attention credential mainly geared towards the management technique of Scrum. It is presented by the Scrum Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization that encourages the utilization of agile frameworks (such as Scrum) in project management.

There are no pre-requirements for this project management certification, constructing it an excellent option for entry-level managers and those incoming a team or workplace that utilize Scrum project management techniques.

11. Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2)

The ILX Group manages projects in controlled environments or PRINCE2 certificates. These certificates emphasis on a scalable management approach to hold projects of any size.

There are two levels that people can attain with the Project certification in controlled environments: Foundation or Professional. PRINCE2 Foundation is an initial-level certificate. PRINCE2 Practitioner necessitates a PRINCE2 Foundation certificate as a prerequisite and aims at more advanced project managers.

All the above certifications are the best in project management, and it assists people in specialized in the management field. For more details about Certification, Stay connected with Certification Forest.

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