PMP Certification

PMP certification is the Gold standard in Project Management. It stands for Project Management Professional (PMP) and it comes from the globally renowned Project Management Institute (PMI). Since there are various types of PMP benefits, most project managers compete for it.

Remember that maybe the PMP Benefits are tempting, PMI Institute has hard PMP requirements. Since PMI follows severe quality processes and has been upholding the standard on the level of certification from 1969, there are certainly certain eligibility criteria.


What are the prerequisites for this certification?

  • Have a 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • Thirty-five hours of project management education
  • Forty-five hundred hours of experience leading and directing projects


What are the benefits of PMP certification?

There are many benefits are a few of these are like:

  • You shall meet the mandatory requirements that most of the companies specify for career growth that is: PMP certification.
  • You could expect a hike of minimum twenty percent in your PMP Certification salary that is one of the absolutely alluring PMP Benefits
  • Another one of the PMP advantages is that you are going to be documented among your peers and join the elite club of PMPs who possess global recognition for their knowledge.


How to prepare?

You can prepare for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with us.          You can join our courses and training programs to nail it in the test. You should contact us right away for any details or further procedure.  Our professional team will guide you thoroughly and the certification would become easy for you to attain.