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Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction to PGMP

• PGMP® Application and Exam Process • Introductions to Program Management • Strategic Program Management • Benefits Management • Stakeholder Management • Program Governance and Program life cycle such as Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Closing • PGMP® Application and examples

Domain 1: Strategic Program Management

Business strategy • Business/organization objectives • Economic forecasting • Feasibility analysis • Financial measurement and management techniques • Funding models • Funding processes • Intellectual property laws and guidelines • Legal and regulatory requirements • Marketing

Domain 2: Program Life Cycle Activities

• Initiating. • Planning. • Executing • Controlling • Closing

Domain 3: Benefits Management

The benefits provided by programs such as defining, creating, maximizing, and sustaining.

Domain 4: Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder needs and expectations, gaining and maintaining. Also, stakeholder support, and mitigating/channeling opposition also; Customer relationship management · Customer satisfaction measurement · Expectation management · Public relations · Training methodologies

Domain 5: Governance

Establishing processes and procedures for maintaining proactive program management oversight and decision-making support for applicable policies and practices throughout the entire program life cycle. · Composition and responsibilities of the program management office (PMO) · Financial closure processes · Go/no-go decision criteria · Governance models · Governance processes and procedures · Metrics definition and measurement techniques · Performance analysis and reporting techniques · Phase gate reviews · Program and project change requests
Domains %age of the PGMP exam
I. Strategic Program Management (11 tasks) 15%
II. Program Life Cycle (35 tasks) · Initiating (6 tasks) · Planning (9 tasks) · Executing (9 tasks) · Controlling (6 tasks) · Closing (5 tasks) 44%  6% 11% 14% 10% 3%
III. Benefits Management (8 tasks) 11%
IV. Stakeholder Management (7 tasks) 16%
V. Governance (11 tasks) 14%
T 72 tasks and 126 knowledge and skills consist in the final model.

Validity Of PGMP® Certificate

- PGMP certification is valid for three years. - To maintain it earn and record 60 PDUs for every 3 years.


A candidate requires a Secondary degree, high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent with experience of 45-48 months and within the last 10-15 years-experience. Also, a four-year degree.

PGMP Exam Pass Online Format

As the PGMP exam pass online consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. As pretest questions are 20 out of 170 questions and pretest result is not be carried to the final score.

The certificate is valid for three years and to maintain your PgMP® certification earn 60 PDUs every 3 years.

Exam name

Program Management Professional (PGMP)® Certification

Exam cost – Member


Exam cost – non-member


Exam format

Multiple choice – MCQs

Total questions

170 questions

Exam duration


PMI membership fee


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Certifications have become a major criterion for the job process and as it comes with a handsome salary in hands. As the promotion and great exposure are sure after getting certified. Helps to advance your career.
Getting a job is guarantee if you are a certified professional, as depends on the huge part of the selection because the experience, capabilities are seen and checked. Its an add-on that gives over your peers. Many things are taken into consideration.
Need to prepare for the PGMP certification by attending classes at our PGMP Training – Candidates are required to go through our material & content and attempt our Mock Tests to clear the exam.
To maintain it earn and record 60 PDUs for every 3 years.