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Exam NameCertified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
Exam CostUSD 599

Exam FormatMultiple Choice

Total Question125

Passing Score700 out of 1000

Exam Duration180 Minutes/3 Hours



Testing Center

Pearson Vue


Domain 1

Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design- This Domain consist of cloud concepts, architectural designs. It is related to fundamental cloud concepts and identification of trusted cloud services. Some of the points are following that need heed:
  • Understand Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Describe Cloud Reference Architecture
  • Understand Security Concepts Relevant to Cloud Computing
  • Understand the Design Principles of Secure Cloud Computing
  • Evaluate Cloud Service Providers

Domain 2

Cloud Data Security – This Domain consist of cloud data security by which we understand the lifecycle of cloud data and consider the security strategies. Also check the knowledge about the technical issues of a candidate. Need a heed on following points: 
  • In this, we Design and Implement Cloud Data Storage Architectures.
  • We consider Design and Apply Data Security Strategies.
  • Understand and Implement Data Discovery and Classification Technologies.
  • Design and Implement Relevant Jurisdictional Data Protections for Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Design and Implement Data Rights Management.
  • In this, we make Plan and Implement Data Retention, Deletion, and Archiving Policies.
  • It Implement Auditability, Traceability and Accountability of Data Events.

Domain 3

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security – In this Domain, we consider business continuity and disaster recovery plans for cloud service which can be developed and implemented. Now heed on some points:
  • Cloud attack vectors, Comprehend Cloud Infrastructure Components.
  • Analyse Risks Associated to Cloud Infrastructure and countermeasure strategies.
  • Design and Plan Security Controls – It also identifies managements and manages system protections.
  • Plan Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management – Helps to understand plans about business management, risks.

Domain 4

Cloud Application Security – This domain explores all the security issues, cloud software assurance in cloud computing. heed on exam contents:
  • Training and Awareness in Application Security - Vulnerabilities
  • Understand Cloud Software Assurance and Validation – Testing like functional and security. 
  • Use Verified Secure Software – Approves the management and community knowledge.
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Process
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Cloud Application Architecture – Semaphore and cryptography.
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) Solutions – Multi-factor authentication.

Domain 5

Cloud Security Operations – This Domain covers operational issues arising out of using cloud computing services. focuses on cloud infrastructure management, who work for cloud service providers. Heed on exam questions like:
  • Support the Planning Process of the Data Centre Design – Logical Designs
  • Implement and Build Physical Infrastructure on Cloud Environment – configuations and installation on management tools
  • Run Physical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment – monitoring about log capturing, hardware and performance.
  • Manage Physical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment – manages secure network configuration, OS hardening, stand-alone host availability, clustered hosts availability.
  • Build Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment, Run Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment - network security implementation, log capture and analysis, management plane, performance monitoring, OS baseline remediation and compliance monitoring.
  • Ensure Compliance with Regulations and Controls – consists problem management, incident management, release management, configuration management, deployment management, service level management, capacity management.
  • Conduct Risk Assessment for Logical and Physical Infrastructure.
  • Understand the Collection and Preservation of Digital Evidence – Evidence management.
  • Manage Communications with Relevant Parties.

Domain 6

Legal, Risk, and compliance – This domain tests a participants knowledge on issues regarding the result of adopting cloud computing services. Heed on following points: 
  • Legal Requirements and Unique Risks
  • Privacy Issues Including Jurisdictional Variances
  • Audit Process, Methodologies, and Required Adaptions - 
  • Implications of Cloud to Enterprise Risk Management – risk management metrics, mitigation, framework.
  • Outsourcing and Cloud Contract Design – vendor and contract management 
  • Execute Vendor Management


The candidates must have five years of working experience in information security and CCSP CBK domains. Some can take the exam to become an associate of (ISC)2 and can start working towards getting the experience to get the desired certification. This exam can only be attempted by experienced security professionals familiar with cloud computing.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCSP certification content to includes more knowledge, skills and abilities relevant in the current situation. It issues the cloud security professionals who have to deal currently.
The weights of the Domains were changed by some percentage.
The duration was also changed.

Only English language is part of it.

Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements Domain = 19%
Cloud Data Security Domain = 20%
Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security Domain = 19% ,
Cloud Application Security Domain = 15%,
Operations Domain = 15% ,
Legal, risk and Compliance Domain = 12%

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CCSP certification will be valid for three years from the date of certification issued by ISC2.
A CCSP certified professional can renew their certification by obtaining 90 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits before the certificates expired and 90 CPE credits need to be obtained as 30 each year. CCSP certified need to pay an annual maintenance fee of USD 100 every year.

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