CCNA Data Center Certification Description

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CISCO CCNA Data Center Exam Format

Exam cost$300, plus tax
Exam Duration2 Hrs (34 questions)
Total Questions100-120 questions
CCNA Validity3- years

CCNA Data Center Certification Curriculum

CCNA data center certification – 200-150 curriculum

1. Data Center Physical Infrastructure – 15%
a. Describe the types of transceivers, uses limitations, cabling, uses, power redundancy modes and limitations
b. Identify physical components of a server, physical port roles and perform basic troubleshooting

2. Data Center Networking Concepts (basic) – 23%
a. Contrast and comparte the OSI and the TCP/IP models
b. Describe STP, Forward, Filter, Flood, MAC address table switching concepts, perform basic configuration, 802.1q, Neighbor discovery2.3.d
[i] CDP2.3.d
[ii] LLDP and classic Ethernet fundamentals

3. Data Center Networking Concepts (advance) – 23%
a. In the Basic routing operations, explain and demonstrate Ipv4/Ipv6 addressing. Also, Compare and contrast static VRRP, GLBP, HSRP and dynamic routing & common data center network architectures of tier and spine-leaf. For the basic routing and operations perform basic configuration of SVI/routed interfaces.
b. Describe components and basic concepts of the use of access control lists to perform basic traffic filtering, authentication, authorization, and accounting.

4. Basic Data Center Storage – 19%
a. File and block based storage protocols is differentiate
b. Describe the addressing model of block based storage protocols, purpose of a VSAN, roles of FC/FcoE port types

5. Advanced Data Center Storage – 20%

Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies (200-155)

1. Unified Computing - 25%
a. Describe physical components of the Cisco UCS, common server types and connectivity found in a data center, Virtual switches, Shared storage and Virtual Machine components
and Cisco UCS hardware abstraction advantages.
b. Perform basic Cisco UCS configuration for Cluster high availability, Port roles and Hardware discovery.

2. Network Virtualization - 17%
a. Describe the components, concepts of overlays, OTV, NVGRE, VXLAN, benefits and perform simple troubleshooting of VDC STP.
b. Compare and contrast the default and management VRFs
c. Differentiate

3. Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies - 26%
a. Describe, configure, and verify role-based access control within the data center infrastructure, FEX connectivity, basic v-PC features, Fabric Path and unified switch ports.

4. Automation and Orchestration - 15%
a. Explain the purpose and value of using APIs
b. Describe the basic concepts of cloud computing and functions of a Cisco UCS Director Management, Orchestration, Multi-tenancy, Chargeback, Service offerings and Catalogs.
c. Interpret and troubleshoot a Cisco UCS Director workflow

5. Application Centric Infrastructure - 17%
a. Describe Basic policy resolution, Tenants, Context, Bridge domains, multitier application deployment model, APIC controller, Spine leaf and APIs the architecture of an ACI environment.

Who CCNA Data Center Online Course is for

  • This course is meant for those that are looking to pursue their CCNA certification in Data Center. It provides detailed demonstrations and explanations of the topics covered in this first level of Cisco's Data Center certifications.
  • This course is also valuable to those that are looking to expand their knowledge of networking, particularly within the field of Data Center.

Job profiles pursued after CCNA Courses

  • Technical Support Engineers.
  • Systems Engineers (Fresher)
  • Systems Engineer.
  • Network Administrator.
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager.
  • Senior Network Engineer.
  • Network Security Specialist.


Candidate needed a understanding of the test topics before taking the test. CCNA candidates typically even have expertise of 1 or a lot of years of expertise implementing and administering Cisco solutions.


Today, Cisco is creating a daring statement. Famous for best-in-class knowledge center solutions across all industries round the globe, we tend to saying that there’s nothing focused regarding knowledge centers any longer.

While being engineered, a typical knowledge center employs one, 1688 local staff, provides $77.7 million in wages for those staff, produces $243.5 million in output on the staff economy’s offer chain, and generates $9.9 million in revenue for state and staff governments.

Around 85% is the Pass Rate of the CCNA Exam and the general pass rate for the CCNA test is usually around 85%; the precise figure changes slightly with every restructure of the check that is revealed.

Employers typically like better to rent data center technicians with a graduation degree applied science or networking. This can be a physically rigorous job, and it will need lifting serious instrumentality, operating with cabling, and generally operating non-standard or extended hours.

Popular knowledge Center Certifications;
• Data Center style authority (DCDC) Vendor/Product: BICSI
• Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD
• CCNA knowledge Center Certification
• CCNA Security
• Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS)
• VMware Certified skilled vi.5
– knowledge Center Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV)