CCNA Service Provider Certification Description

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CCNA Security Certification Curriculum

1. Security Concepts – 12%

  • Common security principles
    a. Describe integrity, confidentiality, availability, social engineering and SIEM technology
    b. Identify common security terms, common network security zones and malwares.
    c. Identify malware and common network attacks
  • Cryptography concepts
  • Describe network topologies

2. Secure Access - 14%

  • Secure management
  • AAA concepts
  • Identify the functions 802.1X components
  • BYOD

3. VPN – 17%

  • VPN concepts
  • Remote access VPN
  • Site-to-site VPN

4. Secure Routing and Switching - 18%

  • Security on Cisco routers
  • Securing routing protocols
  • Securing the control plane
  • Mitigation procedures
  • VLAN security

5. Cisco Firewall Technologies - 18%

  • Describe operational strengths and weaknesses of the different firewall technologies
  • Compare Stateful vs. stateless firewalls
  • Implement NAT on Cisco ASA 9.x
  • 4 Implement zone-based firewall
  • Firewall features on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 9.x

6. IPS - 09%

  • Describe technologies of IPS deployment considerations
  • Describe IPS technologies

7. Content and Endpoint Security - 12%

Content and Endpoint Security - 12%

CCNA Security Course Eligibility

Any candidate who has valid Cisco CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching, or any CCIE certification are eligible for this course.

CCNA Security Pre-requisite

A valid CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching OR CCIE certification should be hold by candidates.


CCNA is a good career option for engineering and IT students, as they get lot of learning and have a clear path. After CCNA, you can do CCNP and then you can also do CCIE Course one day. CCIE is highest level of Cisco Certification and one of the most demanded IT Certification in world.

With only the Cisco CCNA certification for a lower-level or entry-level IT or cyber security job a professional can be hired by employers,
but as the chances of being hired increase greatly if you can combine your CCNA with a second skill, such as technical experience, another certification, or a soft skill like customer.

CCNA Security certification holders Salary


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To establish your career in Cisco Networking and for a shining career, you need to suggest you to aim for CCIE, not just CCNA. CCIE is great level of Cisco Certification and one of the most demanded IT Certification in world.

As the CCNA holds more prestige because it is more highly looked upon by networking professionals. For those just entering the networking field, network+ offers a very broad and general presentation of networking concepts and technologies and is best suited.