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GMAT Certification Training Curriculum

Step 1: Take a GMAT Diagnostic Test

A full-length, realistic preliminary test to find out what your scores in various sections are. Of course, the test results will include not just your scores but also help you with details about what types of questions you did well on and which ones gave you trouble which will help us design your study plan and help strengthen your weaknesses. Another benefit of taking a practice test is that you will become familiar with the test’s format, type of questions, and timing. Then as you study, you will know exactly how much time to invest in each section, you’ll use what you’re learning to ace test questions. It is highly motivating!

Step 2: A Set Study Schedule

We help to improve your score by giving you a proper study plan. Because you will be studying for months, you want to set a reasonable pace and also not burn yourself out. Studies show that many students find that studying for 4 days a week in three segments of 30-minutes, for an hour, helps them make significant progress and learn better. In addition, if math content or grammar is an area you have to target for improvement, we provide audio and visual study material that keeps you going without you getting tired.

Step 3: Develop A Study Plan

How should you study? An effective idea is to first use a resource such as our GMAT coaching to learn some shortcuts and strategies or content and then follow up by practicing every day what you just learned with test-like questions. Applying the knowledge and strategies will help you learn right away to the types of questions you’ll see on Test Day will help you solidify your knowledge so it sticks with you. This keeps you motivated and helps you score more.


When only a few months are left for the test, there is a danger of procrastinating. After all, you have a lot of other things that need to get done every day, so it can be hard to carve out the time and energy to study for the GMAT. Taking proper coaching at our coaching will thus help you manage your study routine and score maximum.