How do i get an RMP Certification?

How do i get an RMP Certification?

PMI-RMP – PMI Risk Management Professional

The most esteemed and most pursuing certification in risk management is RMP certification. PMI-RMP certificate validates your experience, abilities and experience. RMP Certification certification interested can be involved with risk management as it enhances your skills and is more enjoyable.


In this age of economic turmoil, any project is subject to risks at each stage which will seriously hamper its execution. Project designing should therefore; embrace identification of potential risks, measures to mitigate threats furthermore as applicable responses that curtail the harmful effects of such risks. Project Risk Manager may be a role that has been created to fill the important want for an expert who will assess, analyze and curb risks while still maintaining a basic level of competency in project management.

The Project Management Institute-Risk Management skilled (PMI-RMP)® document acknowledges a Risk Manager’s experience in distinctive project risks and mitigating threats while creating the most effective of accessible opportunities.

Our 3-day course can appendage you thru Project Risk Management ideas, tools, techniques, and processes supported totally different project and risk management standards together with however not restricted to the Project Management Institute(PMI)® standards and can train you for a specialized role in project risk management. It’ll conjointly prepare you to sit down for the PMI-RMP® certification exam.


What you will learn:

  • Apply risk management practices for a bigger competitive advantage
  • Identify and live risks in project development and implementation
  • Quantify and build risk response methods to deliver products that meets neutral expectations
  • Use a proactive and targeted approach to preventing issues, instead of addressing them once they occur
  • Increase your visibility among the corporate
  • Aim for bigger career growth


You will conjointly get:


  • 42 PDUs on completion of three days of room coaching + 15-20 online hours
  • Group discussions expedited through room coaching
  • Assistance with the PMI–RMP® exam form with end-to-end support via phone, email, and chat


you will also get:

  • 42 PDUs on completion of 3 days of classroom training + 18 online hours
  • Group discussions facilitated through classroom training
  • Assistance with the PMI–RMP® Exam Application Form with end-to-end support via phone, email, and chat

Key features

Certification-forest may be a Premier licensed coaching Partner (ATP) of PMI.
Blended learning workshop and coaching for PMI-RMP® Certification exam 42 PDUs.

PMI® approved course-ware;
End to finish exam school assignment facilitates and support
Group discussions and case studies or higher retention.



To apply for the PMI-RMP® document, you would like to possess a:

• Secondary degree (high college sheepskin, associate’s degree, or the world equivalent)
• 4,500 hours of project risk management expertise
• 40 hours of project risk management education



  • Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the world equivalent)
  • 3,000 hours of project risk management expertise
  • 30 hours of project risk management education



To apply for the PMI-Risk Management skilled Certification communication, participants got to log in to PMI’s Online System to induce started.
For additional info: contact us to know more

The Exam:

The certification exam has 170-multiple-choice queries
Duration is of 3.5 hours to complete it.



To apply for the PMI-Risk Management Professional Certification Exam, participants have to login to PMI’s Online System to get started.

For more information refer to the PMI-RMP Handbook.


The Exam:


The certification exam has 170 multiple-choice questions
Duration is of 3.5 hours to complete it.


(PMI-RMP)® Curriculum BROCHURE

– Introduction to Project Risk Management

  • Overview and Risk Management Fundamentals as per PMBOK5
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Risk Management Plan Contents
  • Create Risk Management Plan
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Building a Communication Foundation
  • General Management and Leadership Skills

– Stakeholder Management


  • Identify Risks
  • Tools and Techniques for Identifying Risks such as;
  • Contents of the Risk Register and update cycle for Risk Register’s
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Outputs
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Risk Response Planning, Strategies, Outputs
  • Risk Monitoring and Control




Q.1: What’s the exam format?

Ans: PMI-RMP could be a 170-question, multiple-choice take a look at.

Q.2: Is that the course accessible within the online/virtual format?

Ans: Yes, Certification forest will supply virtual coaching for PMI-RMP®. Contact us for more.

Q.3: What are the eligibility criteria for this course and therefore the certification?


Ans: To apply for the PMI-RMP® written document, you would like to own either: A Secondary Degree (High college sheepskin, Associate’s Degree, or the world equivalent), with a minimum of four,500 hours of Project Risk Management expertise and forty hours of Project Risk Management education


A Four-year (4 year) degree with a minimum of 3000 hours of Project Risk Management experience and 30-hours of Project Risk Management education

Q.4 :. What number PDUs can candidates be eligible for?

Ans: You will get 40-PDUs toward your continued education needs with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for Project Management skilled (PMP)® and PMI Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP)® certifications.

Q.5 :. What’s the validity amount of the PMI-RMP Certification?

Ans: As a part of PMI’s continued Certification needs program, a PMI-RMP® written document holder can get to earn thirty PDUs within the specialized space of project risk management per three-year cycle. You can participate in skill development and learning activities to earn skilled Development Units (PDUs), Thus fulfilling the continued certification needs and ultimately growing and developing as a professional.

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