How long does it take to get PGMP certification?

How long does it take to get PGMP certification?

Considered to be the foremost sought-after and well-liked certification within the Project Management Institute (PMI), PgMP certification is for people seeking to become certified program managers, accompanied with advanced data and skills within the field of program management.

It’s demanding to get the PgMP® certification;

actually, it’ s an extended method that involves completely different stages of review from the PMI and program managers panel, a 4-hour exam, and also the fees that you just got to rack up so as to maneuver forward.

The article answers the question, “what is PgMP® certification?”


among others, from the method right down to its necessities and preparation.

PgMP Certification — commonly asked queries

We already recognize that the PgMP® document may be a well-known certification for aspiring program managers, however, if we tend to dig deeply into the term, what will this certification specifically mean? And what’s its sole purpose and idea? what’s PgMP® certification in its purest form?

Below are the foremost unremarkably asked queries with regard to PgMP® and application?

PgMP® Certification:


What’s It – An overview

Program Management skilled ( PgMP )® certification is one in all the credentials that you just will notice within the PMI’s roll of different certifications like Project Management skilled ( PMP )®, Portfolio Management skilled ( PfMP )®, Certified Associate in Project Management ( CAPM )®, and among others. PgMP® is one in all the certificates that helps pivots one’s career towards changing into a program manager.

Once the candidates pass the exam and acquire the certificate, that doesn’t mechanically build them program managers. There are still some necessities to satisfy and review to bear before changing into a full-fledged certified program manager.

What edges am i able to reap from PgMP® certification?

Having a PgMP certification means that aspirants can stand out from the remainder of the duty candidates and find the eye of the leader.

Being a licensed program manager conjointly means you’ve got exceptional ability and data to guide and manage programs moreover as performance that contributes to the organization as an entire. By gaining this certification, you’ve got the chance to guide or manage high-level programs and comes and even return up with methods for businesses. PgMP certification isn’t simply benefited within the surface of associate degree aspiring program manager—it’s a worth that’s hooked up to them moreover as associate degree identity and responsibility.

What are the wants to be qualified for the PgMP® exam?

You need to possess experience in each project and program management, moreover as a high degree certification or a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with project management of 4-years and 7-years of experience in program management.

Additional necessities conjointly embody audit, however, it’s random and solely enforced beneath sure circumstances. Audits need you to document each project or program you created, managed, or led—all in careful detail, moreover contact data for managers have worked with you in every operation.

PgMP exam detail;

The exam’s length is 4-hours and it consists of 170- multiple alternative queries, with solely 150-thought-about to be “live queries”; this implies that the remainder of the questions. You continue to go to the end of these queries since you won’t establish that is the live queries are and which of them are planted. The PgMP® exam is linear and you wish to realize a minimum of a score of sixty-fifth to pass.

What and the way are the abilities Assessed within the PgMP exam?

There is a complete of 35 objectives elaborate within the PgMP® exam, that is divided into six subject teams of programs. The subsequent skills and data that are coated throughout the examination are:


  • Outline
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Controlling
  • Closing

FAQs related to exam;

–  Can I retake the PgMP exam?

Certainly, you’ll take the test up to a few times at intervals a year from supplying your authorization letter. However, you wish further fees for the retake that prices $500 for PMI members and $600 for non-members.

– Where to apply for the PgMP exam?

Look for the Testing Centers which have more knowledge and schedule your most popular test date regarding exams. Usually, it takes weeks for book you associate test date thus it’s counseled that you simply set-aside earlier. Don’t forget that you simply have to be compelled to acquire associate authorization letter from the PMI containing a code to help along with your schedule.

– Where you should take the PgMP exam?

Once you have got with success set a schedule for your PgMP® test, you’re attending to take it at the certification


– What is PgMP® Certification if you don’t have a well-prepared plan?

Now that you simply have the answers to it “what is PgMP certification” inquiries, it’s time to organize your needs and after all, yourself.

As mentioned, PgMP® is perhaps the foremost discouraging method of certification since it involves a distinct form of responsibility once the aspirant becomes a program manager. The certification isn’t the tip of the road, once the individual has been formally certified, he or she still has to earn credits from doing voluntary work or program consultations in numerous firms.

As for test preparation, there are resources or applications that may assist you homework for the PgMP certification test like simulators (mimicking the atmosphere of a PgMP® test scenario), reading resources, and even tips and recommendation from program management’s forums. You’ll additionally attend seminars, workshops or work sessions if you wish to own it with ambiance or interaction with the consultants.

Is it value it? 
Is that this right for me?

If you’re still a touch intimidated by the notion of the PgMP certification, detain mind that information and skills of program management are your best friends on this journey. If you wish to own a foothold on your resume otherwise you are able to fight high-level responsibilities with a challenge, then the PgMP certification is your best bet to try to to such things.

Yes, it’s an extended method. Yes, it is frustrating. And no, don’t create it a reason to not pursue what you wished.

See it as a difficult hurdle that pumps your determination towards your goal—the PgMP certification goal.

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