Why is it so important to be CISSP certification in contemporary age? Is there anything beyond it?

Why is it so important to be CISSP certification in contemporary age? Is there anything beyond it?

Nearly every day, nearly ten thousand positions are available on different popular job sites that do demand a CISSP certification. This clearly points to a requirement for skilled InfoSec workers, and in particular CISSPs, that is a wonderful news for aspiring CISSP applicants.

Who is a CISSP?

A CISSP is a seasoned and professional employee or consultant, generally with a title such as security analyst, security manager or chief information security officer, to name just a few. Such a person has been on the job for five or more years, and possesses detailed knowledge of the IT threat landscape, encompassing emerging and advanced tenacious threats, as well as controls and proper technology to diminish attack surfaces.  Similarly, a CISSP even creates policies that set a framework for exact controls, and can do or oversee risk management and that of software development security.

In case you are sure that the CISSP path is correct for you but you have no pertinent work experience, ponder onto becoming an Associate of (ISC)2. The program is perfect for career changers and students. It even permits you to take advantages of educational opportunities, forums and also peer networking catered through (ISC)2. Then there is also another approach to get entry-level A+, Network+ and even that of Security+ certifications from CompTIA.  With such a foundation, you can do apply for a security-related designation and get some much-needed practical experience in the IT world.

Can you attain anything else beyond CISSP Certification?

It looks like that go-getters are always looking for a path to move on or up. Once you get your CISSP Certification, you could be interested in specializing in engineering, architecture or management, perhaps for another improvement in pay. The (ISC)2 program caters concentrations in those areas for CISSP credential holders, known as ISSAP, ISSEP and even that of ISSMP, respectively.

Taking into consideration that cloud computing and virtualization security has turned out to be extremely important in the IT space over the last couple of years, there is a lot more advanced-level (ISC)2 certification to take into consideration: The Certified Cloud Security Professional, or even known as CCSP. This certification, created in cooperation between (ISC)2 and that of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), goals at people who obtain, secure and manage cloud infrastructures or people who purchase cloud services. The CCSP asks for five years of relevant on-the-job experience, but you can make use of the CISSP to substitute for the whole requirement.

You have to be sure!

You have to be sure that a CISSP is the route you wish to take, and that you can successfully complete the credential, before you embark on this long and expensive journey. However, in case you set realistic certification targets, and do manage your time in a wise and prudent manner, you cannot help but succeed in this hot and sexy sector of the IT job market.


Thus, by now you already know why exactly is it getting important to be CISSP certification in contemporary age! Are you up for this then?



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