Seven Tips for How to Pass CISSP Exam on Your First Attempt

Seven Tips for How to Pass CISSP Exam on Your First Attempt

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. In case you have decided to opt for this Gold Standard Certification. The exam is catered by ISC2 and contains somewhat 250 questions. You have to book an appointment for this CISSP certification training exam through the ISC2 website wherein you then redirected to a Pearson Vue website once you register for the exam. The fees of this test are $599.

In this post you would come across seven tips for how to pass CISSP exam on your first attempt. these tips would definitely help you confidently undertake this certification and succeed with flying colors.

1.Pick the right material

There are many books available for preparing exam. Irrespective of book you pick to study, keep 1 book as primary source of preparation. The most significant point to concentrate during preparation is to make the concepts clear. Understand the basics and you shall grasp it all. Your cramming won’t take you places but your understanding of basics and concepts would.

2.Do revision

Revision, Revision and just revision is the main step to pass this exam. In case you have allotted 8-9 weeks of study for CISSP certification, you should spend six to seven weeks only doing the revision. Make sure that you revise the areas that are most crucial, the ones that are challenging to you and also the ones that are confusing. Take practice tests to boost your preparation and confidence after revision sessions.

3.Take practice tests

When you take up practice tests during your preparation, you would not just get to know about the areas wherein you lack. The more you practice the better your performance will be. Tests would get you knowledge about your weaker and stronger areas for best prep. these tests work in your favor if you use them tactfully.

4.Don’t keep doubts

Make sure that you don’t have even a smidgen of doubt. Take guidance of professionals and clear your doubts instantly. doubts would make you less productive and keep you fearful about your performance.

5.Polish your way of expression

You feel confident after you have solved the questions and reading the concepts; wait; don’t feel overconfident. It is natural for you to solve the questions after you read a specific concept. It is significant to understand that a question in CISSP training exam is formed up of multiple concepts from diverse domains. Hence doing proper mock test would help you and refined your understanding of question patterns.

6.Set Deadlines

If you want to prepare for all the domains in the most effective manner, then you have to ensure that you patiently work on all domains. Do not move on to the next domain unless you are clear with the present one.  Clarity is must.

7.Work on your stamina

If you think that you are good with your prep, make sure that you solve dummies, question papers and mock tests in specific time durations. Once you work under time limits, you work on your stamina. You have to solve massive number of questions back to back for good stamina building.


Thus, congratulations, once you have worked on these seven tips for your CISSP certification, you would surely get positive results.

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