Is It Worth To Get The SSCP Certification Before Getting The CISSP?

Is It Worth To Get The SSCP Certification Before Getting The CISSP?

The certification of CISSP security skills is in great demand than ever before. But nowadays, your knowledge and skills are not enough. Employers need proof that you have expertise which they need. They need your information security certificate. They want to know whether you are improving your skills to stay on for the latest technologies and threats.

Certify your skills with SSCP certification as this information security certificate is known as the gold standard of the industry.  The SSCP certificate meets the IA technical requirements at the level I and II.


What Is The SSCP Certification?

The SSCP certification is equaled to the security+, which is entry-level IT security certification from CompTIA. This certification allows a real-world and comprehensive practice which can be implemented in the everyday work of a professional.

SSCP certification is a vendor-neutral and provides a professional means to stay advanced rising threats to security. It also presents a comprehensive overview not only on technical topics such as information security career but also significant subjects such as business continuity and risk management.

By getting an SSCP certification, the professionals can perceive them globally accepted the certification. This confirms their computer-related security knowledge, competencies, and proficiency.

The cyber security professionals or aspiring information security motivated to enter this field and want to advance their career will find this certificate worth pursuing. The IT security professionals who are already in this field can opt for this certificate.

To get the deserved recognition, several engineers, consultants, database administrator or analyst, pursue this certification.


To qualify for SSCP credential, you must meet some requirements. First, you must have experience in one or more areas of CBK or Common Body Knowledge. These are thought to be important by the ISC for the people applying for it.

At least 34 hours of work per week is needed to get one month of work experience. 2080 hours of part-time work can be an option, as well. This experience requirement can be satisfying for the applicant who has a bachelor or masters degree from a recognisable institution. Internships paid or unpaid are also possible if the company is confirming the position.

If you are not having the necessary work experience but still clear the SSCP exam, you can still gain an associate of designation. This is a normal certification that gives you two years so that you can complete the endorsement process and be SSCP certified

Benefits of SSCP certification

The first and foremost noticeable benefit is that the income increases. SSCP certification increases your income potentiality. An average SSCP certificate holder with three to four years of experience earns forty-four to eighty-eight thousand dollars per year. The people with more than this are those who have a Masters degree in the particular field.

The certificate satisfies the demands of the department of defence requirements for security certification of an individual working in the security. Many organisations are suggesting according to DoD point of view to have a certificate before applying for a job.

The continuous studies also keep you informed about the changes in the contemporary world, including the security filed. This helps you to get ready for the upcoming challenges.

Earning an SSCP certification allows you to be more convinced in your work every day. The knowledge about what to do and how to do makes you more confident. Earning such an advanced certification and later opting for more can take you to your goal.

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