Is it feasible for an Aerospace Engineer to get his CISSP?

Is it feasible for an Aerospace Engineer to get his CISSP?

After you become an Aerospace Engineer, it becomes very tough for you to opt for CISSP certification. You need to wait for 5 years to demonstrate your experience in two or more of eight domains of CISSP. The domains are Asset security, risk, and security management, security management, network, and communication security, software development security.

What Is The CISSP Certification?

Certified Information System Security or CISSP is a globally recognized certification offered by ISC2. The certificate validates the candidate’s ability and expertise in all the fields of information security. The professionals of CISSP certification are called to define design, manage, and control a highly secured environment of business and architecture.

The recipients of CISSP certification are a part of a very pretty club. Only 94000 people are lucky enough to hold a CISSP certificate all over the world. The exam itself has nearly 80% of failure.

The CISSP certification is the first certificate in this field. The US department approves it of defense both by Information Assurance Technical and Information Assurance Managerial. It is the baseline of the National Security Agency ISSEP program in the US.

What Is CISSP Eligibility?

The candidates who are looking for CISSP certification must have five years of full-time cumulative work in two or more domains. The domains should be under ISC2, CBK, or CISSP. The ISC2 provides professional experience waiver for one year if the candidate has a four years college degree in the same field, the educational eligibility and recognizable equivalent are recognized by the list of ISC2.

The candidates without experience can also give the exam. Though they will not be rewarded the tag of CISSP, they will be given an associate of ISC2, and once they acquire the required experience in work, they will earn the credentials of CISSP.

What Are The Advantages Of CISSP Certification?

You are being recognized as the gold certificate worldwide. The certificate says a lot about your professionalism at work. Every business starting from online shopping to national defense, there are chances of threat. A CISSP certificate makes sure that you have the backing, education, network, support system to fight the threats. It is a prestigious job and impacts on companies — the right candidate to get a high salary.

Better Risk Management

The CISSP certificate recipient is aware of the International regulatory standard. The insurance requirements mandate that the evolving and emerging problems and threat meets the experienced and well-equipped professionals. The CISSP professionals are quite knowledgeable and are well aware of threats and how to meet them.


The customers who interact with the company want to know the interactions and communications, and all the information are protected and kept private. The professionals of CISSP makes sure that the information is protected and the company is fully secured. This also makes sure that the reputation of the company doesn’t go down.

Human Resources

The organization’s know that the professionals of CISSP are best when it comes to keeping your information secured and private. ISC standard professionals must have high knowledge and skills. This makes them eligible to be hired.

The CISSP certification helps you to place yourself among the globally recognized family of networking security professionals. So if you are looking forward to taking forward your security career, you can strive for CISSP certification. 

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