How to Get a PMP Certification: An Overview?

How to Get a PMP Certification: An Overview?

PMP certification

The Project Management skilled (PMP)® certification may be a globally recognized project management certification that tests a candidate’s ability to manage the folks, processes, and business priorities of a knowledgeable project.

There are over a PMP certification holders worldwide, per the Project Management Institute (PMI) that administers the certification. It’s applicable to project managers in just about any trade, as well as health, construction, info technology (IT), and business.

Here’s some key info regarding the certification:

PMP certification requirements:

In order to require the exam, you’ll look to validate your education and project management expertise.
These are as follows:
• 35 hours of project management coaching, which suggests work that specifically addressed learning objectives in project management. This will be substituted with a licensed Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification.
• 36 months of expertise leading comes if you’ve got a four-year degree, or sixty months of expertise leading comes if you’ve got a high-school certificate.

PMP exam format

As of 2021, the exam fee was $555 for non-PMI members and $405 for PMI members. A PMI membership was $129 a year, with a one-time $10 application fee, creating the exam slightly cheaper with a membership.

Training for the PMP exam:

Studying for the exam can take some designing and determination; taking exam guides generally advocate a minimum of a number of months to arrange for it. There are many courses, books, and different resources out there to assist you in study. Scan additional below regarding making ready for the exam.

Renewing your PMP certification:

The PMP certification is valid for 3 years however may be revived or maintained by earning 50+ skilled development units—defined as hours spent on accepted skilled development activities—in that point frame.

Keep in mind

The PMP exam was updated starting of 2021. The new exam currently includes 100+ queries, 10-minute breaks rather than one, 3 “domains”—phases of project management—instead of 5, among different changes. Certify your study materials replicate the modification.

To get your PMP certification

Here’s a guide to obtaining your PMP certification.

1. Meet the PMP certification necessities.

Before you’ll be able to take the PMP exam, you’ll need to make certain you’re eligible. You’ll want either:

• 30+ hours of project management course coaching, and a minimum of 32 months of project management experience if you have got a 40-degree,
• 30+ hours of project management course coaching with 5 years of experience if you have got degree or high school.

You’ll need to stay track of your comes and coaching, recording data like your specific role, responsibilities, and length of comes or coaching so you have got it at hand once you apply. The coaching demand will be waived if you have got a CAPM certification.

The PMP certification is valid for 3 years. To require the exam once more apply.

To apply – Make an account with PMI and find started on associate degree application for the PMP exam. This can entail sharing basic personal data like your instructional background, likewise as details on the come you’ve worked on.

Once you’re approved, you’ll pay the exam fee and schedule a check.

Prepare – This is once you train for the exam from the certification forest, either through work or on your own. Many exam suppliers 60-120 hours finding out. This will take many months betting on however you study.

Take the PMP exam – The exam will be taken at a testing website close to you or online. The takes a touch beneath four hours to finish.

Maintain your certification – The PMP certification is valid for 3 years. You need to pay 50+ hours throughout that point frame on skilled development activities to keep up it. Otherwise, you’ll be able to sign on to require the exam once more.

PMP value it

Ultimately, whether or not a PMP certification is going to be worthwhile to you professionally and financially depends on your distinctive circumstances. Here are a number of edges you would possibly see with a PMP beneath your belt to assist you to navigate your call.

Industry recognition

The PMP certification will show employers or shoppers that you simply recognize the ins and outs of project management, and have the expertise and coaching needed of an expert.

Learning new skills: you’re conjointly probably to be told a big quantity regarding project management as you indurate the exam. Taking hours out of your life to master project management fundamentals like conflict resolution and budgeting will bolster your abilities to form you a stronger project manager.

Higher salaries: The PMI found that American respondents to a 2018 survey reportable a median wage of $115,000 if they’d the certification, and $92,000 if they didn’t.
Median salaries conjointly cared-for increase the longer one was PMP certified. Information reportable that the PMP certification among IT certifications that were coupled to the very best salaries within the IT sector.

Job prospects: Over 1000+ new jobs related to project management are expected to be value-added from 2018 to 2027 within the, report compiled by PMI and therefore the found. The largest growth is within the although also are projected within the construction, info services, and finance and insurance sectors.

Project management should be the PMP certification;

The PMP certification is meant to create an associate degree to solidify the coaching an intimate with project manager already has. If you’re simply beginning out as a project manager, you’ll need to realize a lot of expertise or explore another certification—like the CAPM—before obtaining a PMP. The Google Project Management: skilled Certificate is additionally designed for those simply beginning out, and can earn you knowledgeable documents.

What regarding the PMP exam?

Here’s what’s on the PMP certification, that was updated on January 2021.

• 180—Total questions
• 230 minutes
• Two 10-minute breaks
• A combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and restricted fill-in-the-blank queries.

Online courses: There are several examination courses to assist you to get your certification. The PMI and alternative non-public establishments provide school assignment courses, as do several faculties across the country, online or otherwise.

The Project Management Skilled Certificate, can prepare you for the PMP examination and fulfill the tutorial demand of 35-hours of instruction.

Consider the prices

Courses will price 100 or 1000 bucks to finish. However, they will be a worthy investment if you are looking for a structured thanks to making certain you’re totally ready for the check. If you think that earning the PMP certification is helpful to your leader in addition, it may be value approach your manager to ascertain if they’re willing to hide examination prices.

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