How difficult is the CISM certification?

The CISM or Certified data Security Manager certification is one of the foremost prestigious certifications within the cybersecurity domain. This certification proves that you just have degree well-rounded data of technical competency an understanding of business objectives around information security. Moreover, CISM will add credibility and confidence to your interactions with internal and external stakeholders, peers, and regulators.

But this exam may be an onerous nut to crack. You would like to be determined enough to pass the exam on your initial try. However, before we tend to discuss any more, let’s have a fast beginning with the exam details.

CISM exam summary

The Certified Data Security Manager exam demonstrates in-depth data of the link between data security programs and broader business goals. The CISM certification promotes international security practices. Also, CISM-certified staff gives enterprises with associate degree data security management certification recognized by organizations and shoppers round the globe

Who should take the CISM exam?


The exam is meant for candidates able to manage, design, oversee, associate degreed assess an enterprise’s data security operate. The CISM exam needs are:

• Firstly, 5 (5) or additional years of expertise in data security management.
• Also, expertise waivers square measure on the market for a most of 2 (2) years


CISM Exam Format


Exam Name Certified Information Security Manager
Exam Cost For ISACA Members US $575 and Non-Members US $760
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Total Questions 150 Questions
Passing Score 400 out of 800
Exam Duration 4 Hours
Languages English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Spanish
Testing Center ISACA (PSI)
Validity 5 years

Course define

Understanding the course define of CISM exam is that the next necessary step. It familiarizes you with the exam framework. The exam course includes four domains. in addition, you must tailor your study arrange around these CISM certification guide exam topics to realize this certification:


1Information Security Governance

  • Establish an information security governance framework to guide activities that support the information security strategy and to communicate management’s directives, process of information security policies to communicate management’s directives, and guide the development of standards, procedures and guidelines.
  • In information Security Governance, you need to maintain an information security strategy in alignment with organizational goals and also, objectives to guide the establishment and ongoing management of the information security program.
  • Maintain the process of information security policies to communicate management’s directives.
  • Also maintain the guide the development of standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • Obtain commitment from senior management and support.

2: Information Risk Management

  • Establish and Identify legal, regulatory, organizational, and other applicable requirements to manage the risk of noncompliance to acceptable levels ensure that risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and threats analyze.
  • For information asset classification to ensure that measures taken to protect assets need to maintain the process for proportional to their business value.

3: Information Security Program Development and Management

4: Information Security Incident Management

What will you accomplish?


CISM certifications are inflated demand. Achieving this certification is a career-changing milestone that will elevate your professional standing within the organization. Better earnings and understanding of security systems management within an organization by CISM certification. Rather than them who are not certified, certified Professional get paid more than them. For a professional world, by getting certified, you get a shape up and can guide to be excel in all other fields. For organizations, IT systems efficacy is added.


How difficult is that the CISM exam?

CISM certification professionals are in high demand and provide you with international recognition. However, clearing the exam isn’t any child’s play. With a 50-60% first-time pass rate, it positive could be a difficult exam. The exam queries are quite tough and take a look at your technical data. However, it’s not possible to pass the exam. Perpetually keep in mind that everyone unbelievable things want time. Thus, making ready for certification isn’t simple. Neither is it fast. However, it’s well worth the toil and determination.

Getting ready for your exam with efficiency comes from learning the way to study smarter, not harder. You wish to organize a study commission to pass the exam. Moving more, you wish access to the correct resources that match your level of understanding. Also, you wish to place within the needed time and energy because it is that the to succeed.

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