SSCP VS CISSP Exam: How are they different?

SSCP VS CISSP Exam: How are they different?

You know SSCP and CISSP are both important (ISC)² certifications.  Many of the people are these days taking these certifications.  You know CISSP surely pays better, but that is not to say SSCP does not really have merit

Before you get any further, remember that you can always prepare in the best manner if you consider taking cissp online training or other courses. Preparation is not difficult if you are dedicated and have proper guidance.

Anyhow, you know SSCP does not really compete directly with Security+, but when it comes to the government and the DoD 8570 requirement, the two are equal. At the pay grades where the DoD acknowledges Security+, it generally also accepts SSCP. The problem is that Security+ is the one having the name recognition, so even though DISA may say SSCP is OK, your COTR or team lead might not know that and may make you go get Security+ anyhow.

Remember that in case you don’t work in government contracting, don’t worry about DoD 8570. But in case you are interested in getting into the realm of government contracting, it would be helpful to have CISSP more than SSCP. Since contracting demands a security clearance, in case you don’t have one already, nobody wishes to pay to investigate you unless there’s a really great reason. Having CISSP counts as a really good reason. SSCP, not so much. in case a government agency or contractor require someone having an SSCP or equivalent, they can find somebody. It’s not tough for them to poach someone who already has the clearance from any place. And in case they can’t find anyone, they would be pretty adept at getting people to pass Security+. As far as government is concerned, SSCP vs CISSP is not even a reasonable comparison.

The chief thing to remember when considering SSCP vs CISSP is that (ISC)² takes them as separate steps in your career. The point is this CISSP is the more advanced certification of the two. It is absolutely impolite to discuss salary but that’s nearly necessary to set expectations. When a person goes from being a highly paid Security+ to an entry-level CISSP, his or her salary might go up about fifteen percent. Your mileage will differ based on experience. A CISSP with having enough experience to meet the prerequisites can expect to make about what a Security+ with fifteen to twenty years of experience makes. Exact pay figures will rely on your job market and the pricing of living in your area. But again, you have a fair knowledge about it all now.

Anyhow, the pay difference between SSCP and CISSP is going to be similar. If you don’t have any type of security certifications, go get something at the SSCP level foremost. It is going to make it much easier to get CISSP in that manner. you know to go straight for CISSP is a somewhat a more challenging road, and unreasoning more difficult one.


Thus, the choice is certainly yours. You have to decide what would make you more contented.

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