GMAT Certification 2021 – Eligibility, Exam Dates, Syllabus

GMAT – Graduate Management Aptitude Test 

The GMAT certification exam is a computer-adaptive test and check the .  The candidates’ analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills assesses in standard written English. By taking test your various skills needed are varied such as;

– Problem-solving
– Critical & logical reasoning
– Analytical writing,

To get admission into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance-related courses in across world in top schools/colleges such as such as ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad accept applications for PGP, PGPX management programs.

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GMAT Exam Pattern

GMAT Exam Section


Analytical Writing Assessment

30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

30 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

62 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

65 minutes

GMAT curriculum

Section 1: Analytical Writing Assessment

AWA section is called Analytical Writing Assessment.
Reasoning skills are accessed.

Duration – 30 minutes

· Argument essay

Analyze the reasoning and then present your argument in this section of exam.

· Issue essay

An essay and give structured opinion in around 600 words to be written on the issue given to you in this section .

Section 2: Integrated Reasoning (IR)

It assesses one’s Analytical skills.

Duration – 30 minutes

· Table Analysis:

Measures candidates’ ability to sort and analyze a table comprising data, like a spreadsheet. To determine the important information or the one that meets certain conditions.

· Two-Part Analysis:

To solve complex problems of candidate and measure it to know about candidates skils. The problems can be verbal and quantitative, or a combination.

· Multi-Source Reasoning:

To examine data from multiple sources tables, graphics, text passages, or a combination of all the three to know about measure candidate skill. Analyze each source of data carefully for answering multiple questions by measuring. The candidates will be asked to draw inferences and others may require you to determine whether data is important. Among different sources of data candidates have to recognize discrepancies.

· Graphics Interpretation:

To interpret the information presented in a graph or graphical image such as scatter plot, x/y graph, bar chart, pie chart, or statistical curve distribution to measure candidates ability to find out relationships, and make inferences.

Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning

Questions that assess your Mathematics skills are from Quantitative Reasoning section. Equation relations Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra are asked a question in this section are basic.

Duration – 62 minutes

  • Problem Solving –mathematics-based questions and sub-section will assess your mathematics skills.
  • Data Sufficiency – Data will be provided, to evaluate and come to a conclusion.

 Section 4: Verbal Reasoning

English reading, writing and sentence formation skills are assessed. To assess your skills questions are provided.

Duration – 65 minutes

· Critical Reasoning

To make arguments, evaluate arguments, and formulate or evaluate a plan of action measures the candidates’ skills.

· Reading Comprehension

To draw inferences, understand logical relationships between significant points, understand words and statements this measures the candidate skills. Candidates will be tested on the following reading skills such as;

– Inference
– Application
– Main idea
– Supporting the idea,
– Logical structure, and style

·  Sentence Correction

Measures two broad aspects of the candidates’ language. While referring to sentences the first aspect is for correct expression.

GMAT Exam Details

Test schedule of GMAT and the candidates can take the test by booking an appointment, as well as register it offline


Name of the Exam Graduate Admission Management Test 
Exam Mode Computer-Based
Number of Sections Four
Duration 3.5 hours
Fees INR 17,244
Validity 5 years

Reschedule your GMAT exam at least 7 days before. You need to cancel your GMAT test before 7 days, you set the exam for exact date.

GMAT Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to appear for GMAT, you need to be 18+. The ages 13 to 17, parental approval is needed to write the GMAT and no upper age limit GMAT eligibility criterion to appear for GMAT.

No specific eligibility criterion to be able to write the GMAT, since the exam is used for admission.

  • Since the exam is used for admissions to various MBA/ Management programs around the world, check is your eligibility for the MBA program.

College final year students completed college can write the GMAT and the score should use for admission into postgraduate management programs in India and across the world

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