CISM Course Description

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Exam Format

Exam NameCertified Information Security Manager
Exam FormatMultiple Choice
Total Questions150 Questions
Passing Score400 out of 800
Exam Duration4 Hours
LanguagesEnglish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional) Turkish, and Spanish
Testing CenterISACA (PSI)
Validity5 years

CISM Curriculum

Information Security Governance

This Domain have the 24% of priority in exam. It states the expertise to establish and maintain an information security governance framework. This confirms your ability to develop and supervise information security governance framework. Designing a Strategy and Governance Framework.  Gaining Management Support and Approval.  Implementing the Security Strategy.

Information Risk Management and Compliance

 – This Domain have the 30% of priority in exam. Itdenotes up to date ability to manage information risk to an acceptable level, facilitating the attainment of organizational goals. This demonstrates expertise in classifying information assets. Risk Identification.  Risk Analysis and Treatment.  Risk Monitoring and Reporting.

Information Security Program Development and Management

 This Domain have the 27% of priority in exam. This relates the ability to develop and maintain an information security program that identifies, manages and protects the organization’s assets. It also attests to ability to ensure the information security program adds value, while supporting operational objectives of business. Alignment and Resource Management.  Standards, Awareness and Training.  Building Security into Processes and Practices.  Security Monitoring and Reporting.

Information Security Incident Management

This Domain have the 19% of priority in exam. This upholds capacity to plan, establish and recovery from information security incidents to minimize business impact. However, you can build your skills in accurately classifying and categorizing information security incidents and developing plans.

Planning and Integration. Read and Assessment. Recognition and Response.

What will you accomplish after CISM Certification?

CISM certifications are inflated demand. Achieving this certification is a career changing milestone that will elevate your professional standing within the organization. CISM certification provides you better earnings and better understanding of security systems management within an organization. A certified Professional get paid more than who are not certified. By getting certified, you get shape up for a professional world, can guide to be excel in all other fields. It adds efficacy for organizations IT systems.


There is a lot for CISM practitioner to complete, before they can achieve certification. Moreover, This is well-worth the effort in the end as CISM certifications are in demand. Attaining this certification is a career changing milestone that will elevate your professional standing within the organization. CISM certification provides you better earnings than your peers and better apprehending of security systems management.


  • CISM is business-oriented and focuses on information risk management while addressing: management, design, and technical security issues at the semantic level. It is aimed at the management-level IS Professional who must maintain a big picture view by managing, designing, overseeing, and assessing an enterprise’s information security. CISM needs 3 of the 5 years to be specifically information security management work related experience. As CISSP contains 8 domains but CISM contains 4 domains.
  • CISM exam is held thrice in a year in the months of July, September and December.
  • You need to have 400 out of 800.