Amazon Web Services Solutions Certification

Amazon Web Services Solutions Certification

What is cloud computing?

The increased use of information technology in every field has led to a parallel rise in the development of new software and platform services. Each of us dealing with computers regularly require applications, files and software, and storage platforms. It has led to a rise in Amazon Web Services Solutions. These are nothing but services hosted over the internet for data management, storage, and processing. 

Could Computing providers

Some of the public cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services Solutions and the Google cloud platform. The affordability and speed of cloud computing have increased its demand significantly in the past few years. Professionals in the cloud computing sector can enhance their credibility by gaining certifications in this field. AWS certification are one of the top certifications one can achieve in their career in cloud computing. The AWS provides various certifications for cloud architects and administrators to increase their technical knowledge of cloud computing.

These certifications are mainly divided into five parts.

1. Cloud Practitioner Path

2. Architect Path

3. Developer Path

4. Operations Path

5. Specialty Path

Of the above paths, AWS Associate and Professional certifications fall within the Architect Path.

Who should get certified?

This particular certification is for solutions architecture professionals who are willing to learn designing applications on AWS.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – To be eligible for this certification, the student must be well versed with AWS tools and experienced in designing, managing, and distributing applications. They should have a clarity of AWS troubleshooting concepts and also have hands-on experience with AWS systems.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – This certification can be obtained after clearing the associate level of certification. Apart from that, one needs to have a minimum of two years of experience in designing AWS based applications. This experience involved having detailed knowledge about complex AWS applications and managing these applications efficiently.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for AWS Solutions Architect Associate consists of multiple-choice questions to be answered in 130 minutes. The cost of this exam is 150 USD. Whereas for the professional level certification, multiple-choice questions need to be answered within 170 minutes. The cost of this exam is 300 USD. The validity of these exams is for a period of 3 years.

Domains of study

In the associate level of certification, individuals acquaint themselves with designing resilient architectures and performance architectures, apart from that they learn to secure and manage these architectures. Design cost-optimized architectures and define operationally excellent architectures.

In the professional level certification, individuals are tested in five basic domains of knowledge such as their efficiency in designing organization complexity, new solutions, migration planning, cost control and also in their experience of improving existing solutions.

Preparing for the AWS certification exam

To qualify for the Amazon Web Services Solutions certification, one needs to invest 80-120 hours of study. Various online training academies such as Certification Forest provide courses that train you specifically for the exams.

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