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RCDD Curriculum

In this RCDD curriculum, we have discussed the topic with weightage in exam it holds.

Define Scope of ICT Design - 10%

  • The scope of work to be performed needs an identification
  • Communications Technology (ICT) requirements in scope and out scope.
  • Design ICT systems and standards
  • to ensure minimum performance specifications establish order
  • to supply the owner Estimate ICT project prices supported scope of labor
  • supported scope of labor estimate ICT project timeline schedule
  • to supply the owner (e.g., client, company) the required info for AN ICT project appropriate to the clients’ timeframe expectations
  • Assess ICT current conditions pro re nata to work out style solutions by conducting a website survey
  • Reviewing record documentation

Design ICT Solutions – 66%

  • Produce ICT design project documentation
  • Locate and size ICT telecommunication spaces
  • Coordinate ICT style with alternative disciplines to confirm interdependencies between systems met
  • Avoid interference amongst work trades.
  • Coordinate ICT work space outlet locations with project stakeholders
  • to confirm standards compliance and/or consumer needs square measure met
  • Specify ICT work space outlet merchandise to confirm a style with performance-based needs
  • Specify ICT horizontal transmission media
  • Specify all ICT pathways, Premises, telecommunication, grounding and systems embrace outside plant, that ensures all the necessities
  • to confirm standards and code compliance and/or consumer needs square measure met, Calculate (size) ICT horizontal pathways.
  • Specify ICT horizontal pathway varieties
  • Coordinate ICT horizontal pathways with project stakeholders
  • Calculate the (sizes) of ICT pathways consequently that ensures standards and code compliance and/or consumer needs square measure met.

Support ICT Bid/Tender Process – 9%

  • To supply clear direction to prospective bidders
  • Generate ICT Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) for project stakeholders supported the specified style.
  • Response on design intent.
  • How contractual requirements are met,
  • To collect additional clarification of style intent or installation considerations from alternative project stakeholders
  • For completeness to the Request for Proposal (RFP) response and compliance to the design, Review ICT bids/tenders.
  • Participate in additional bid/tender activities.

Support ICT Installation Process – 15%

  • Make sure the outlined installation documents square measure coordinated with stakeholders, square measure constructible, and deliverables accommodates contract manufacture ICT submittals for approval.
  • On standard review ICT submittals, to approve, reject or comment as necessary primarily based.
  • To confirm interdependencies between systems square measure met and to avoid interference amongst work trades Coordinate ICT installations with others.
  • Perform field engineering/observations and provide direction to the installer as to where issues exist to clarify it all.
  • Conduct final ICT inspections.
  • To provide the record documentation of the installation and Produce ICT close-out documentation for the owner.
  • To ensure it is accurate and complete review the ICT close-out documentation with the owner.

Know about the RCDD Credential

• Pinnacle designation in the ICT field
• The ICT Community and employers recognized
• Required in bids
• Job requirements
• Latest Technologies, Methods and Best Practices should be used
• for career growth opens doors and new opportunities
• Enhances Credibility
• Recognized Globally
• Built with Your Career in Mind
• Highest Standards

RCDD Exam Eligibility Requirements

• Applicants must meet specific educational and/or work experience criteria at the time they submit their application in order to be eligible to take the RCDD exam. The requirements are outlined below:
• Required Experience:
• Two years' design experience and hold a current BICSI RTPM® , DCDC®, OSP®, or TECHTM certification.
• OR
• Two years' design experience and two years of ICT education.
• OR
• Five years of ICT experience

Exam Format

Exam Name Registered Communications Distribution Designer
Exam FeeBICSI Member - $510
BICSI Non-member - $725
Exam Duration2.5 hours
Exam formatMultiple choice
No. of questions100


RCDD Online Course & Certification Highlights

  • Increased Hands-on Activities
  • Codes, Standards and Regulation
  • Telecommunications Spaces
  • Horizontal Distribution Systems
  • Backbone Distribution Systems
  • Outside Plan (OSP) and Campus Cabling
  • Firestopping
    Telecommunications Administration
  • Bonding and Grounding (Earthing)

RCDD Course Necessities

It is meant for people who have a minimum of 5 years of data and technology (ICT), business style expertise at intervals the last 10 years or 2 years of verifiable ICT style expertise at intervals the last 10 years. Also, 3 years of further ICT equivalents chosen from combos of expertise, approved education and approved ICT license/certification (i.e. NTS, WD, CCNA).

How does one complete the RCDD course and certification?

The RCDD certification is achieved by passing a comprehensive, application-based and knowledge-based communicating stock-still within the Telecommunications Distribution strategies Manual (TDMM).

Course Duration: This course runs for 5-days.

RCDD Required Materials

Your student book Print or Electronic Version of the Telecommunications Distribution strategies Manual (TDMM) 13th Edition A portable computer or pill.


To urge the RCDD afterwards set a foot into the ICT Cabling Infrastructure field. Since my background of study and former work expertise is completely totally different, you made a decision to realize the ICT elementary from BICSI that is my start towards RCDD.

My main struggle throughout my preparation was reconciliation my career and private lives. To be in an exceedingly hurry to urge the certification while not putt the exertions and also the necessary preparation. At constant time, to be fighting my new job within the starting and aiming to settle in an exceedingly new place.

If you’re getting to take the RCDD exam, then like to recommend you’ve got to inquisitive mind. Also, realize content that helps you higher perceive the ICT Cabling Fundamentals. In my opinion, it’ll be tough to pass the exam if there’s no or partial preparation.

After earning the RCDD written document, we used to be offered a replacement job. That was instant when candidate assumed it’s not late, however the proper time have come back.

Focus, pay longer making ready, schedule the exam in right time, and taking professional’s advice will help you for your success finally.