About Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification

To search out vulnerabilities at intervals a system or application by gathering information by offensive security permits developers. To increase privileges so as to check the data systems’ defenses then the developer creates exploits. To protective websites and applications, offensive security is a proactive approach. With penetration testing methodologies the offensive security coaching provides developers. With the Kali UNIX system distribution offensive security training provides them with the data to use the tools required.

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OSCP Exam Format

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Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification

What you'll learn

• For performing penetration testing with Kali Linux do set up an environment
• With Net-discover, Nmap, Dirb, Nikto, etc. scan the systems
• Offensive Penetration Testing and security skills
• Top 10 Web Application Attacks (SQL Injection, XSS, LFI & RFI, Command Injection etc.
• Remote exploitation of systems
• Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, OpenVAS VA scanner
• Detail of exploitation of Linux Vulnerabilities, Vulnerable Machine close to Real World Scenarios and Windows 10 using Empire Power-shell (SAMBA exploit, IRC, distscc, etc. and Creating Payload using MS Word, etc) using netcat & meta sploit.

Who is the OSCP course for?

• Professionals transitioning into penetration testing
• An industry-leading certification for pen-testers
• Security professionals
• Network administrators
• Other technology professionals

Who should earn it?

However attackers work and suppose but defenders help higher to perceive. You're defensive against and notice exploitation tries as it permits you to actually perceive what threats and attack vectors.

Has higher skills. The importance of capital punishment organized attacks in an exceedingly controlled to consider and also reduce the danger at workplace. Also organize attack in targeted manner whereas doing therefore to enhance a workplace’s existing security posture by reducing the danger of a triple-crown exploit.


As getting OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certified your knowledge and understanding increases of TCP/IP networking reasonable windows and Linux administration experience. As it is familiar with the windows and Linux commands line familiarity of bash scripting with basic python.

OSCP Course Goals

After the completion students are able to do the following things;

  • Also, understand the tools and techniques that have a set up with Kali Linux.
  • A full penetration test can be conducted
  • A comprehensive penetration test report can be written
  • The hacker mindset is understood by the professional and helps to develop it.


A very difficult question to answer. At minimum hacking all the machines in the student network apart from pain and humble. To pass the exam you need skills. This can’t be guaranteed.

  • In 1st exam if you fail, an exam retake can be scheduled after 4 weeks.
  • In 2nd exam if you fail, an exam retake can be scheduled after 8 weeks.
  •  In 3rd exam if you fail, an exam retake can be scheduled after12 weeks within 120 days of purchase.

To successfully crack the five machines in 23 hours 45 minutes OSCP certification is awarded on being successful. The most difficult one machine among other machines and you need to crack other boxes by hacking using enumeration, exploitation, and post-exploitation techniques. Other machines address your skills.

An incredible book, this can be a requirement browse for beginners. It acts as a superb continue into the PWK course because it could be a technical guide walking reader through the fundamentals of penetration testing.